ABC’s Of The Hands Full Program, Volume 1: Ages 0-10

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ABC’s Of The Hands Full Program, Volume 1: Ages 0-10

A Step-By-Step Guide: Behavior Management Of Children





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THE HANDS FULL PROGRAM was created in 2004, published in 2014, and recorded in 2016. Thousands of families have used this program to establish the correct parent-child relationship by teaching their children to tolerate frustration, obey positive commands, and control their impulses. These three critical milestones, rooted in the non-negative, non-critical, and positive aspect of the Hands Full program allow children to progress through childhood and adolescence, and grow into healthy adults.

Yet, parents are often too busy and overwhelmed to focus on a parenting program in text or audio format. ABC’s of the Hands Full Program: A Quick Reference Companion was created to alleviate this problem.

This publication contains an alphabetized compilation of the fundamental underpinnings of the Hands Full program. In addition, it provides a concise schedule of strategies that illustrates the program for quick reference. Although it is obviously preferred that you take out the time to read or listen to the program in its entirety, this abridged publication should enable parents of children who are developing typically to implement the Hands Full program.