Blueprints of Bereishis

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Blueprints of Bereishis

Understanding the names of Parshios and people






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It is tempting to think that the names of the parshios serve as
convenient titles, nothing more. Yet the reality is far deeper and more
interesting. Consider just a few questions: Why are some parshios named
after the protagonist of the parsha, while others are not? Why are some
parshios named for the first word of the parsha, while others are not?
Why do some parshios have very similar names (as in Vayera, Va’era and
Re’eh,or Vayishlach, Beshalach and Shelach)? And why are there often so
many disconnected topics in a single parsha?

Just as a person’s
name is his essence, so too, the name of a parsha is its essence.
Blueprints of Breishis is a revolutionary explanation of a topic that
has never been fully explored before — the name of each parsha and of
the main characters within it. Through the eyes of Chazal, the author
weaves the various concepts within each parsha into a unified theme
connected to its name. Both original and well-sourced, Blueprints of
Breishis is fascinating for both the scholar and layperson.