Derashot Ledorot: Exodus

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Derashot Ledorot: Exodus

Insights into the Book of Exodus and organizes them according to the sequence of the weekly parasha.




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Between 1952 and 1976, Dr. Lamm captivated his congregants with
dynamic pulpit sermons. He challenged his audiences to filter out the
noise and distractions of modern American life by listening to the
divine voice, delving into the wisdom of the Torah. Derashot LeDorot is a
selection of essays based on these stirring sermons. Each essay
features reflections on the weekly parasha, brilliantly illustrating Dr.
Lamm’s masterful pedagogy, deep intellectual rigor, and staunch
commitment to the word of God. Today, almost half a century later, these
essays remain as relevant and inspiring as ever.

For decades, Dr. Lamm has been mesmerizing audiences with his
captivating language and compelling messages. He is a preacher par
excellence, conveying a Torah message in a format that is enjoyable,
edifying and uplifting. Readers will be charmed by the new book’s poetic
language and dazzled by its sharp insight into human nature. Rabbi Lamm
offers timeless messages of unsurpassed substance and style.