Dr. Adler

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Dr. Adler

The legendary doctor of Gedolim – and Klal Yisrael




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They don’t make them like this anymore.

Rav Schach zt’l called him “ze’ir a groisseh doctor” (a very great doctor), and the Klausenberger zt’l declared, “he was accompanied by the angel Rafael himself.” Blessed by the Gerrer Rebbe, the Imrei Emes, to be “as great a doctor as your father,” Dr. Shlomo (Sami) Adler fulfilled that berachah through more than six decades of ministering to Klal Yisrael, gedolim and everyday Jews alike.

In his practice on Finchley Road in London, Dr. Adler saved lives, salved wounds, and raised spirits. He never gave up: he was at war against the Malech Hamaves. He knew that life and death are in the hands of Heaven, and yet he never rested his syringe. The Creator gave mankind permission to heal, and there was thus no end to the doctor’s mandate to fulfill the mitzvah of saving a life.

Dr. Adler: Shlomo Adler, M.D., legendary doctor of Gedolim – and Klal Yisrael is an unusual biography of a very unusual personality. Scrupulously researched and sourced and based on literally hundreds of hours of interviews with his patients and colleagues, it paints a portrait of dedication, compassion, and, often, medical success when every other doctor had despaired. Combining medical drama and Torah hashkafah, it is a book that will both inspire and amaze us.