Fatal Judgment

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Fatal Judgment

A Novel of Suspense




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6" x 9"



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A diabolical plan for terror, years in the making. A reluctant attorney in a battle between evil and good. 
Shea Berman’s life is about to implode.

It happened so quickly: Shea Berman went from being a respected member of his Lakewood community, an attorney on the fast-track to success, and a loving son, husband, and father, to a pariah fighting to keep his job, his reputation, his family – and his life.

When forced by his ruthless, and hugely successful, law firm to defend the man accused of brutally attacking Shea’s own rebbe, Shea is drawn into a plot that spans years and continents. The stakes are high, as Shea and an unlikely band of allies including an angry district attorney, an elderly Pakistani father, and an incorrigible FBI agent try to uncover the truth, both in the courtroom and on the dangerous streets of Brooklyn and Jenin.

Fatal Judgment is a riveting legal thriller that will keep readers on edge from the first vivid encounter with American justice to the explosive climax.

ISBN: 9781422613832