I Guarantee – The Rambam’s Promise – Healthy Living

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I Guarantee – The Rambam’s Promise – Healthy Living

I Guarantee – The Rambam’s Promise – Healthy Living






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I Guarantee – The Rambam’s Promise

The Rambam guaranteed our health.
How could the Rambam give such a guarantee?
The Rambam, Moshe Maimonides, was a great doctor as well as a Torah scholar. He understood that germs and viruses only affect bodies that are unhealthy and cannot fight back. When disease attachks body tissues that are saturated with sugar and other poisons, the results can be fatal. Scientists understand that bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancer cells multiplu in the presence of sugar. 
The Rambam guarantees that if we follow his teachings and eat only healthy food in the correct quantities, we will enjoy constant good health throughout our lives, with Divine assistance and mercy. 
This inspiring book tells many wonderful stories of people who have transformed their lifestyles and overcome fatal illnesses. By returning to traditional Jewish wisdom, you too can benefit from the Rambam’s Guarantee of health and longevity.