I Live With My Mommy

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I Live With My Mommy

My Tatty doesn’t live in our house anymore.
He lives in his own house now.
That’s because my Mommy and Tatty are divorced.



7" x 10"



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Five-year-old Rochel lives on the third floor of a big apartment building with her mommy and her brother Baruch. In this sensitively written story, well-known author Tzvia Ehrlich- Klein explores the challenges young children often face when their parents divorce. Beautifully illustrated by Dena Ackerman, I Live with My Mommy offers divorced parents a springboard for discussion with their young children, allowing the children to express their pain yet to realize that Hashem loves us and takes care of us all. This is a groundbreaking book for parents and children in need of chizzuk during the difficulties of separation and splitting up.

“I Live with My Mommy is a valuable tool to mitigate the distress of a child who is a victim of divorce. It can help the juvenile mind cope with this difficult adjustment.”