Know Navi – By V’shinantam Levanecha

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Know Navi – By V’shinantam Levanecha

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When writing the books on Navi, one of the main goals is keeping our young readers interested and captivated. The Nach is replete with stories, each story was carefully selected each one to ensure that reading the books on Nach will be an exciting and an educational experience for the readers.

Let your kids be educated in the History of The Jewish Nation and get to known the Jewish Leaders like Yehosua (Joshua), Shemuel Hanavi (Samuel), Dovid Hamelech (King David), Shimshon Hagibor and more….

The Beautiful Illustrated Nach Books will inspire your children for hours and they will keep on learning the stories of Navi on an on again and again…..

Don’t get worried when the book arrives to your door and it suddenly gets quite in the house…