Raising Royalty Vol. 1

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Raising Royalty Vol. 1

An encyclopedic collection of chinuch lessons from our gedolim



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  • Are you a parent searching for Authentic Torah guidance on how to raise your children?
  • Are you a teacher seeking success in educating the next generation?
  • Are you searching for tools to enhance and enrich your own life?
  • Are you searching for the Torah way to effectively reach and help the many struggling neshamos in our generation?
Then, simply open up this book to any page, and you are sure to find the inspiration you are looking for! In this series, Avi Fishoff has amassed an encyclopedic collection of thousands of Divrei Torah, quotes, and stories from authentic Torah sources, expertly woven into graceful, eloquent essays, that are both professionally written while at the same time reader-friendly and beautifully presented. Each essay begins with an Authentic D’var Torah on a pasuk, followed by stories and quotes by Gedolim on that theme, and concluding with a “Practical Lesson” that will leave you with a powerful practical message sure to enhance your parenting or educational skills! Walk in the footsteps of our Gedolim and learn the secrets of Authentic chinuch from their words and perspectives. Your children and students will surely benefit from their timeless lessons!