Rivka of Thailand

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Rivka of Thailand

Come accompany Rivka through her daily life in the exotic country of
Thailand. Watch the role she happily fulfills as a busy young outreach worker.




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9 x 9



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Hi! My name’s Rivka, though my two-year-old sister calls me Icka. I’m eight years old. I was born in Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. Thailand is a beautiful tropical country that millions of tourists come to visit every year. I love visiting the floating market, drinking coconut milk straight from the fruit, and visiting the nearby elephant farm. Our neighborhood is so crowded and busy that we have to leave our neighborhood with a tuk-tuk in order to find space to play jump rope. What’s a tuk-tuk? Well, I guess you’ll have to read inside to see!

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Rivka of Thailand is the fourth book in the Lamplighters series. These books allow young readers to peek into the lives of boys and girls from all around the globe. They meet children who, together with their parents, are trying to help Jews learn more about their heritage.

Via these first-person accounts, readers can visit the most fascinating places. They will be drawn into these children’s lives and they will learn all about the cities in which they live.

Fascinating facts and interesting descriptions alongside authentic professional photographs are included throughout the book.