The Ben Ish Hai

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The Ben Ish Hai

The Life And Legacy Of Rebbi Yosef Hayyim Of Baghdad



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The Ben Ish Chai
A fascinating enigma surrounds the name of Rabbi Yosef Hayyim of Baghdad.
How did a quiet Torah scholar of only twenty-five find himself at the helm of the
community that he would lead like a king for the next fifty years, with no official
position or salary?
How did his word go forth from an Arab land to become law in Jewish communities
worldwide, including Israel, India, and Shanghai, from his day – an era predating
modern transportation and instant communication – to the present, over a century
after his death?
Why do Sephardic communities around the world follow his halachic rulings?
Why are his songs, especially Va’amartem Ko Lehai, sung by Jews everywhere?
How did one human being write hundreds of works on Talmud, halachah, Scripture
and Kabbalah?
Why are his writings studied by Sephardim and Ashkenazim, from scholarly rabbis to
ordinary laymen?
How did he continue to study, teach, write, guide, advise, and rule on halachic
questions in wealth, in prison, and then in poverty?
This volume sheds light on the spiritual giant who became known posterity as the
Ben Ish Hai