The Secret of the Woods

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The Secret of the Woods

Secret of the Woods is a thrilling mystery novel full of suspense and surprises.




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6" x 9"



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There’s a suspicious man living in the basement rental of Ari Berg’s home—Ari and his friends are sure of it. Why does Itamar Krikowski refuse to divulge what he does for a living? Why the mysterious air about him? And what reason does he have for hanging around the streets of the diamond district in Manhattan? 

And speaking of which—there’s something shady going on in Aharon Fisher’s diamond business, too. With diamond thieves on the lookout, an attempted mugging, and an actual robbery occurring, there’s enough to give the creeps to Ari and Yonah, who are spending their summer working for Mr. Fisher. 
Suspicious activity is also happening in Camp Shevas Achim, where Menachem Wolner is spending his summer. What are the strange beams of light the boys see coming from the woods behind their bunkhouse at night? What is Mitch, the camp’s new caretaker, doing wandering through the woods in the dark? 
When the boys decide to do some investigations, little do they realize exactly what they’re getting themselves into…
Secret of the Woods is a thrilling mystery novel full of suspense and surprises. Join Ari, Yonah, and Menachem for a summer adventure they—and you—will never forget!