Torah in a Connected World

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Torah in a Connected World

A Halakhic Perspective on Communication Technology and Social Media



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Communication technology and social media saturate our lives. Torah in a Connected World offers a Torah perspective on these new technologies and analyzes halakhic issues that arise in five different areas. The book focuses on relationships on social media, both personal and communal, through the lens of the laws of berakhot and tzedaka. It explores the impact of social media on the laws of gossip and shaming – not only for the worse, but sometimes even for the better, as when media can help correct sinful and immoral behaviors. The book discusses situations where we judge someone with whom we have had minimal contact, and how we expect to be judged by others. It assesses what responsibility platforms and users have for online content. Finally, it surveys issues of ritual mitzvot and how they can be fulfilled when mediated through technology. This volume begins a critical conversation about how we should relate to today’s technologies and those of the future.