A Tale of Two Sisters

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A Tale of Two Sisters

A Tale of Two Sisters; “They’re Jewish – write that down. Make sure to send them to a Jewish family.”




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6 x 9 inches



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A Tale of Two Sisters

Ahuva Steinhardt is an accomplished young woman at the cusp of adulthood. Adopted at birth, Ahuva cares nothing about her birth mother, preferring to live in the present. But then her happiness is sabotaged by a twin she knew nothing about
Rachel Bergmann has everything money can buy, yet one question continues to gnaw at her – who is the woman who abandoned her? Determined to find out, her life takes an unexpected turn and forces her to make a critical decision. 
This novel is a story of concealment and discovery, disappointment and hope, one that reveals the complexities of human nature and the wonder of Divine Providence. Join Ahuva, Rachel, and others in this engaging novel as they find out who they really are and confront their challenges in a refreshingly honest and compelling way.