Backstage By C.B. Weinfeld

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Backstage By C.B. Weinfeld

Looking At Stories From behind The Scenes





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Backstage. Its the place to go, if you want to know the full story!

  • The almanah desperately wanted to honor her late husband with the writing of a Sefer Torah. But with ten yesomim to take care of, it seemed an impossible dream. Until a certain askan took a trip to a cemetery – and things began happening backstage…
  • To all who knew her, she was a wonderful, caring, Bais Yaakov girl. But to an overloaded chinuch system she was a “leftover,” the girl no high school could find room for. Until her father took care of some unfinished business — and things began happening backstage …

Why do tens of thousands love to read C.B. Weinfeld’s stories?

Maybe it’s because they fill us with hope, optimism, and emunah. Or because even as they touch our hearts they open our eyes to the wonders of our lives. Perhaps it’s the surprise endings, the unexpected twists and turns. And, of course, it’s certainly because C.B. Weinfeld tells really great stories.

In Backstage, we’ll be taking behind-the-scenes looks at a harried Rebbetzin dealing with a major kiddush where everything that could go wrong … does. And we’ll see how “backstage” nothing could have been better. In these stories, which originally appeared in Yated Neeman or Ami magazine, we’ll meet young people in shidduchim, men and women dealing with parnasah or shalom bayis or countless other contemporary challenges with faith and courage. And a special treat: Backstage features a “mini-novelette” based on a true story of a heroic mother’s journey through a life-altering medical condition, a story of hope, strength, and tremendous reserves of faith.

As we go “backstage,” we will see, with magnificent clarity, how Hashem takes good care of His precious children.