Berel The Bus Driver – Rebbe Hill

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Berel The Bus Driver – Rebbe Hill

A Journey of incredible Emunah, Bitachon, & adventure.


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and The Bus Driver is a journey of incredible Emunah, Bitachon and

In an age when children learn so much from audio-visual
tools, it is a benefit to have a resource
that imparts crucial values of Torah to them.

Berel and The Bus Driver
is such a resource.
Created under the guidance of Roshei Yeshiva, and under the auspices of
Torah Umesorah, This
DVD presents the unique talents of the renowned Rebbee Hill.

narrative, adapted from a story
in Chazal, takes the protagonist through a number of challenges to a
climactic ending in a manner
that will keep young viewers both riveted and entertained.

importantly, though, it infuses
the classical Jewish values of enthusiasm for Shabbos, the joy of doing
mitzvos and the intense
fervor that should accompany davening. In particular, the way in which
suspense is resolved and
potential for evil is overcome will instill a welcome sense of optimism
and chizuk in the hearts of the audiences of Berel and The Bus Driver.
Approximate running time: 1 hr. & 15 mins. (Torah Umesorah is
committed to the development of new, effective educational materials to
reach the hearts and minds of Jewish children.)

ISBN: 635669096820