Chazak: A Beacon Of Hope and Faith

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Chazak: A Beacon Of Hope and Faith

Chazak: A Beacon Of Hope and Faith





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Chazak: A Beacon Of Hope and Faith

A picture paints a thousand words. There’s nothing as powerful as imagery to help us in our life’s journey. The days, hours and moments of life that we are blessed with are our most precious possession. How can we utilize, to the fullest the great gift that Hashem has bequeathed us? 

Esther Gross, author of You Are Not Alone and counselor to many, has reached out once again with a positive message of hope. In ChA-Zak you will enjoy her inimitable style and sparkling witticisms, written with compassion and practical wisdom. Discover that many opportunities for greatness arrive in our lives disguised as hard work and challenges, and learn how to change stress into satisfaction and convert chaos into contentment. 

Happiness and spirituality are intertwined and connecting with Hashem is achievable.