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A Novel By Meir Uri Gottesman



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When Rabbi Meir Chevroni founded a shul in New Jersey in his father’s name, he faced terrible opposition from the angry neighbors. Pursued by his deceased father’s directive, Reb Meir knew he could not give up. Desperately, he prayed, “Eloka d’Meir aneini!” – and against all odds, within just a few months, Congregation Beth Leo took root.

Soon after, Shamayim arranged for Reb Meir to move to Canada, in order to help some holy neshamoswho needed him there. Beth Leo remained where it was, thriving and growing into a big, beautiful shul.

Now it’s fifty years later, and Reb Meir has traveled back to his beloved Beth Leo. He is finally ready to fulfill the promise he made to his father so many years earlier.

Standing before the congregants, who he feels are like his children, Reb Meir begins waving his cane. What follows are some mindboggling events, which produce unbelievable blessings for the crowd, one after another. Then Reb Meir retells the story of the horrific Chevron massacre, from which his father just narrowly escaped. But it’s when the old rav is done, and he leaves the shul, that the earthshaking action – in actuality, a climactic battle – begins…

Written by beloved author Meir Uri Gottesman, Chevron is not just a novel. It transports the reader to many fascinating events in our history: Yehoshua stopping the sun, Shaul Hamelech finding a wife; Chizkiyahu Hamelech falling ill, and King Menasheh being dragged in chains.

Read…and be intrigued. Read…and be informed. Read…and be transformed.