Class Acts

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Class Acts

True Stories about the Power of Caring





6" x 9"

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All-New, All True Stories, Told as Only Nachman Seltzer Can!

A student gets every answer wrong on a test… and earns top marks. A rebbe puts on a baseball cap… and teaches an unforgettable lesson. A teacher mixes up two students… and transforms the toughest boy in the class.

Teacher, Rebbe, Morah – whatever you call them, they are the ones entrusted with our most precious possessions. They are the ones who can change a life with a smile. A gentle word. An out-of-the-box solution to a problem. Some, even, with tears. They are the heroes of this fantastic new collection of true stories.

If you’ve ever been a student, if you’ve ever been a teacher, and if you simply love a great story about the power of compassion, caring and kindness – open up Class Acts and begin to read. You won’t be able to put it down.

ISBN-13: 9781422613849