Fingerprints On Universe

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Fingerprints On Universe

Searching for belief and meaning in today’s turbulent world.




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After a successful proffesional career, Louis Pollack embarked on the most ambitious adventure of his life: a rigorously intellectual search for truth. He read voraciously and digested the social and physical sciences. In the end, he found that science itself testifies to the existence of a Creator and the eternal truths of the Torah.

This book is the “log” of his long and successful search. It traverses Maimonides and Einstein, quantum physics and quintessential faith. Pollack questions everything and subjects it to scrutiny on its own terms. Kant does not impress him. Bombast does not impress him. He wants to know why. He insists on analyzing claims and dissecting findings.

To join Pollack on his mission is to join some of the greatest scientists and philosophers of all time and to subject oneself to a revolution of many ideas once held inviolable. This is not a book for shallow people with superficial minds, but for readers who enjoy a challenge and relish intellectual combat.

He writes lucidly and has the rare knack of presenting complex ideas clearly and understandably. This is a book for anyone with an open mind and curiousity for ideas. In short Louis Pollack has performed a great service for thinking people. His life’s odyssey deserves the widest possible audience.

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Louis Pollack holds degrees from Cornell University (where he was elected to Phi Bete Kappa), the Cornell Law School and the Harvard Business School.

He is a member of of the New York Bar and practiced law in New York City.

He is presently the administrator of an adult-education Yeshiva which he co-founded in 1988.

This is his his first book.