Heart of The Storm

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Heart of The Storm

An Abrams Family Legacy




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5 x 7 inches



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Heart of The Storm
Standing at the checkout line, Esti picked up the local newspaper. Bold headlines screamed out from the front page: “TWELVE-YEAR-OLD BOY MISSING THREE DAYS! POLICE CHIEF ADMITS FEW LEADS!”
Esti Abrams, wedding photographer and busy mother of five, can’t understand why she’s drawn to the fate of runaway Jeremy Sutton. But when he turns up in a photo she snapped at the beach not far from her Miami home, she becomes embroiled in a mystery involving the bizarre Sutton family, stolen artwork, and one very confused twelve-year-old boy.
Not far from the coast, a storm is looming… But equally as dangerous is the storm brewing in Esti’s heart as she interacts with her widowed mother-in-law just one state away. No matter how hard she tries, Esti feels herself inadequate in the eyes of her mother-in-law, whose persistent phone calls leave Esti irritable and on edge.
Fleeing from one storm means heading straight into the other. Can Esti and her family weather both storms and help Jeremy brave his? And what’s at stake if they don’t? 
Heart of the Storm, the third book in the stirring Legacy series, is a story about the challenges we face and the crucial decisions we make in our everyday lives. Enter the world of the indomitable Abrams clan and meet another cast of endearing, and enduring, characters.