It’s About Time

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It’s About Time

The guide to successful Jewish homemaking.




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A woman’s work is never done – and that is doubly so for the Jewish homemaker, who flavors her “chores” with the magic of kosher living.

Bookstores are overflowing with “how to” books on how to solve every domestic problem in 10, 5, 4, or 3 easy lessons – but here is the survival kit for the Jewish homemaker. Curl up with this book and you’ll sense your friend across the kitchen table, the aroma of [decaffeinated] coffee and [low-fat] cookies in the air. She experiences the same hurricanes you do, ten times a day – and here are her survival techniques.

This beautiful volume is practical without being theoretical, friendly but not patronizing. It is written by real people and offers hands-on hints and solutions that have been tested in life’s laboratory. It even has a chapter for the husband playing dual roles during happy (and sometimes not so happy) occasions.

This revised and expanded edition includes updates as well as a chapter on running and maintaining a home office. Chaya Levine and Nechama Berg offer a tested, very doable five-step management system that makes sense. They break the infinite, complex business of running a household into its many component parts and show how to fit each of the pieces together to form a masterpiece: the portrait of a kosher, striving, happy, harmonious household.

So what would you like to know? How to beat burnout? Sick of procratination? Reorganize your shelves and books? Make an emergency menu? Beat the laundry blues… and whites? How to manage a big home… or a small apartment on a small budget? Or a prayer for some Divine inspiration on how to make it all come together.

It’s all here – and that’s just a small part of it. This book is a balabusta’s best friend. So make its acquaintance.