Luach Dovor Beito 5776

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Luach Dovor Beito 5776

The proper thing in the proper time.





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This calendar details the day of a Jew from dawn to midnight, as lived by Jews from different groups and communities of the Jewish people. Each day is headed by a list of Torah studies from all subjects. Tanach, Talmud and other classic works, so that one can easily marked down for himself what has been studied, and how he has progressed.

At the head of every Shabbos, Jewish Festivals, and Fast day, there is a chart of six different times, three based on times in Israel, and three based on themes in the Diaspora- New York, Belgium, ans London. All above mentioned in the sections “Seder Hayom” and “Itim Latorah”.
In the third section “Divrei Hayomim” appear “Anniversaries of death” of prominent men and other important historical dates that have been marked down through out the generations since the existences of the Jewish nation.
In the section of “Ma’asei Bereshis” there is and exact Almanac of the the host of stars as they appear in space daily and monthly. The times used in this part are Israel Standard time, two Hours earlier the Universal Time (U.T.). In addition of the monthly map, we have noted astronomical phenomenons that can be seen.