Our New Special Baby by Chaya Rosen

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Our New Special Baby by Chaya Rosen

Our New Special Baby




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Racheli is so excited when the call comes through: She has a new baby 
brother! Then, when her father comes home from the hospital, he sits his children down and explains to them just how special their baby brother is. 
In this tender, reassuring story, family members learn how to accept their new baby brother, born with Down syndrome. Sensitively written and accompanied by heartwarming, realistic illustrations, Our New Special Baby not only broadens our understanding of consideration for others, but also inspires readers – young and old alike – with the amazing power of a Torah perspective. 
The book includes a highly-informative Appendix that describes Down syndrome, along with a medical overview of commonly associated medical concerns, making this an ideal guide for home, school, or anyone in the helping professions.