Rebbe Mendel Wheels & Deals

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Rebbe Mendel Wheels & Deals

7th Volume in this Sires.




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6" x 9"

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Rebbe Mendel does it again—with a whole new assortment of stories for readers to relish! The world’s favorite teacher is back to entertain you with some new inventions, some amazing stories of hashgachah pratis, some riddles to keep you on your toes, and… some good solid fun!

Learn how to fly—and hopefully, land—a carcopter, find out how two striped goldfish and one four-year-old boy save someone’s life, and marvel at the amazing Divine providence that spans hundreds of years. Enjoy “class” with Rebbe Mendel: full of vigor, vim, and values—and packed with important lessons you’ll appreciate learning.

ISBN: 9781598269512