The Family Aguilar

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The Family Aguilar

The Family Aguilar: A Classic, Back-in-Print with a Revised, New Translation




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The Family Aguilar

A Classic, Back-in-Print with a Revised, New Translation

One of the most fascinating chapters in Jewish history is the chronicle of the Conversos in Spain and Portugal. Outwardly, they were Christians; secretly, they were Jews, with a singular devotion to the faith of their fathers. If caught and exposed, they faced the terrors of the Inquisition, yet they remained steadfast in their faith, with a courage beyond belief. 
In this historical novel, Rabbi Marcus Lehmann paints a panoramic portrait of eighteenth century Spanish Jewry under the Inquisition, as well as one family’s drama and adventure, sorrow and lasting triumph. With a wealth of local color and amazing historical detail, the adapted version of The Family Aguilar has been a favorite for generations. This new translation, from the original German, is another jewel in Feldheim Publishers’ Living History series, sure to have pride of place on any Jewish bookshelf.