The Group – By Ruthei Pearlman

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The Group – By Ruthei Pearlman




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“Your wife has been having problems settling down in Potters Bar? Why doesn’t she come to our Group? We meet every Monday in the village hall.”

 Atara Gelbstein, transplanted from her familiar London surroundings to alien Potters Bar and starving for friendship, reluctantly agrees to attend a meeting of the Group. She returns home a different person – happy, even elated – but something is wrong.
Her husband, Dovid, can’t quite put his finger on it, but her best friend Liebe Sonnenschein is determined to discover what is behind the disturbing changes in Atara’s personality. Liebe goes undercover to find out the secret behind the Group… and then everything spirals out of control as a terrifying enemy threatens to destroy their lives.
We meet up once again with Colin and Leora Sommers, detectives from London, as they join in the race against time to rescue Atara and Liebe, and in the process uncover the chilling truth behind the Group.