The Meaning of the Moment

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The Meaning of the Moment

The Meaning of the Moment; Appreciating the Power of Each and Every Moment in Our Lives





6.2 x 9.3 inches



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The Meaning of the Moment

Nachman Seltzer’s third collection of stories in the Moments Series is just as inspiring, intriguing, and all-around entertaining as his first two collections. He introduces us to a most astounding assortment of individuals whose stories range from selfless giving to profound commitment, from unreserved acceptance of Divine guidance to renewed appreciation of Hashem’s wonders. 
These true stories will take you around the world and through history as they present accounts of real lives of real people, who have undergone trials of faith and tests of courage and conviction. Rabbis, songwriters, taxi drivers, storekeepers, soldiers, philanthropists, housewives, charity collectors – people whose names you will recognize as well as ordinary folk, are all characters Rabbi Seltzer meets and whose stories he draws out with remarkable skill. Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes the individual himself doesn’t realize it until this author talks to them; and that is why there is no end to the fascinating scenes his pen sketches.