The Water Castle

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The Water Castle

An in-depth look at Rabbe Nachman’s classic story within a story




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Translated and annotated by Dovid Sears, and edited by Ozer Bergman and Yaacov David Shulman, this ground-breaking work presents Reb Noson’s original ideas and interpretations related to a “story-with-a-story” from Rebbe Nachman: the tale of the Beggar With No Hands, told on the sixth day of the wedding celebrations in the Rebbe’s awesome story, “The Seven Beggars.”

This volume presents the Hebrew text and English translation on facing pages of three parts of Reb Noson’s Likutey Halakhot – Tolaim (Laws of Worms) 4, Pesach 2 and Rosh Hashanah 6. Thus it is perfect for self-study. Here, Reb Noson shows how Rebbe Nachman’s mystical teaching in story form sheds light on these halakhic topics and by extrapolation, many key issues in Torah, avodah (Divine service) and the inner transformation of the spiritual seeker. This material has never been translated before, and includes full annotation with original commentary and source references from a wide range of Torah works. 

Graced with a delightful cover designed by Ben Gasner, “The Water Castle” will open the doors for the serious student who has already become acquainted with more introductory works, and now wants to explore the core teachings of Breslov Chassidut.