To Fill the Sky With Stars

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To Fill the Sky With Stars

Women explore their midlife challenges and triumphs… Join them as they Fill the Sky with Stars!




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“In the daylight, in the bright years of our lives as we marry and raise families, our greatness might not be apparent. But at night, with the onset of later years, we become shining stars.”

Once again, Miriam Liebermann has wowed us with an absolutely stunning collection of practical wisdom from rebbetzins, mentors, and friends that will guide us through the vast array of opportunities that the midlife years bestow upon us.
We learn how to maintain our balance as we gracefully soar into the future, watching our children grow into their own lives, caring for aging parents, developing new talents, fostering new friendships, and optimizing our health.
For those of you who treasured The Best Is Yet to Be, this new masterpiece is a well-deserved gift of abundant insights and overflowing inspiration. 
There are dreams to accomplish and many brilliant stars to count!

“This book captures the wisdom of so many prolific writers, imparting to the reader the beautifully deep potential of midlife and onward.”  — Sara Lebovics, LCSW and columnist for Binah magazine
“Miriam is an inspiring model of the ‘thinking woman,’ whose writing is reflective of living life joyously as well as seriously.”  — Chani Juravel, LCSW

“To read To Fill the Sky with Stars is to fill your mind with sparkling insights, your soul with radiant joy, and your heart with immeasurable gratitude to Hashem for the countless blessings that shine down upon us.” — Judy Kaiser, Toronto Educator