Torah – Beauty Beyond Belief

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Torah – Beauty Beyond Belief

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Truth is at the core of all that is good. And vice versa: all evil is rooted in falsehood. Hence, our eternal Torah is named Torat Emet, literally, “the Torah of truth.” Anything short of truth constitutes Judaism that is inconsistent with the Torah.

While Torah is at the core of all truth, many people are confused about how the Torah’s teachings are relevant in today’s day and age. We often find it difficult to reconcile the seeming clash between God’s eternal Torah and some of modern society’s core values. Torah: Beauty Beyond Belief comes to fill some of the void. 

In an unassuming yet broadly encompassing way, Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz addresses some of the difficult areas of Jewish ideas and philosophy, including defining good and evil, why “bad” things happen to “good” people, the enigma of free choice and divine foreknowledge, the Jew/gentile relationship, and the distinction between male and female. 

This deceptively small book is filled with great wisdom. Read it, and your views on Judaism will never be the same again.

Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz, a native of Tel Aviv, Israel, studied at Slobodka Rabbinical College and received his ordination from the Mirrer Yeshiva Central Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He is the founder of the Jewish Learning Network of Michigan (Machon L’Torah), the Maimonides Jewish Leaders Fellowship with branches in almost every major university in North America. 

Rabbi Jacobovitz established the Jewish Resource Center at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. In the 90’s, he initiated Jewish Awareness AMerica (JAAM), a national awareness program for Jewish students across North America’s universities. He lectures extensively in Israel, Europe and on North America’s college campuses on the subjects of Jewish law, customs, and thought.