Haggadah – Kol Menachem – Nusach Arizal

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Haggadah – Kol Menachem – Nusach Arizal

Haggadah Nusach ArizalThe Slager Edition



6" x 9"







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“If there is a Haggadah for Everyman, this is it.”
Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb,Executive Vice President Emeritus, The Orthodox Union

“From all the Haggados that I have set my eyes upon I have seen never seen something like this”
Harav Moshe Wolfson,Mashgiach Ruchani, Yeshivah Torah v’Daas.

The award winning layout of the Kol Menachem Haggadah is
pleasing to the eye, artistically beautiful, and clear, and it contains
explanatory notes which are helpful to the beginner Seder leader as well
as to the most educated veteran. But the commentary is the true tour de
force of this work. It provides important material in four areas of
interest: The text itself, Jewish law, personal growth, and
mystical/inspirational themes. In each of these four areas, the
commentaries are startlingly relevant to contemporary life, and of
practical help to every level of reader.

  • Beautifully typeset, with gold-leaf like margin designs.
  • Clear instructions on how to conducting the seder interspersed throughout.

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