Schottenstein Daf Hayomi Edition English – (Mid Size)

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Schottenstein Daf Hayomi Edition English – (Mid Size)

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Travelers have been asking for a small, light, edition of the?Schottenstein Edition of the Talmud. Finally – it’s here! Every word of the full-size edition is here, but on a?compact 7″ x 10″ page size?? lighter, with thinner paper.

Learning is everywhere ? ?when you are at home or on the road.? So now, in addition to your full-size Gemara at home, you can now have a ?travel Gemara? for times when you need something more portable for the road.

As new volumes in the full-size Schottenstein Edition are published in the series, we plan to publish this smaller, Daf Yomi size Edition, as well, so you can keep up with Daf Yomi or expand your sets on an ongoing basis. So ? if you want the advantages of the full-size edition, you’ll still have it. But if you’re a traveler who needs a smaller size or your budget is tight, the ?blatt Gemara? can still be yours, and you can take it with you.